Renovation Progress

     It has been a while since I have had something to blog about… but finally some progress on our rental property.

     The whole permit process took longer than expected, and the addition of new storm drains on the street really added to the problem.  It was difficult for workmen to get to the property, deliveries were at a standstill, and to deliver the dumpster for the demolition work was an engineering feat in itself.

     All that aside, the demotlition work is all but finished, and the framing of the kitchen is complete.  Unfortunately, when we went to have new windows added to the porch, the whole structure was sitting on just a few cinderblocks.  We decided that we needed to correct that situation and not just try to make it cosmetically pretty. 

     That being said, it is important for Buyers to remember that even though a property looks great, they should still spend the extra money to have a home inspection prior to buying.  Also, if the home has been recently renovated, make sure you ask your agent to get the permits.  If the Seller has done everything above-board, they will have no problem producing the necessary paperwork.

     Hopefully, things are in full swing now and we’ll be in full swing by 4th of July.

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