Seems Home Design is following the Market

Seems to me that as the Real Estate Market is reaching the end of the downturn and  the design of today’s homes are doing the same. No longer looking for the mini-mansions, today’s buyers are looking for economical, low maintenance properties. Although the homes may be smaller in square footage the amenities remain a top priority. The days of a one  bath house are gone.  3 bedrooms and 2 baths are the minimum must for many. This transcends generations with the Baby Boomers  looking for a one story home or  a master bedroom and bath on the first floor. Generation X is looking for at least that with minimum upkeep to enable them to continue with  their busy lifestyle. This generation does not want to be house poor. Although the size of the property may be smaller, people still want the amenities – but they too have changed.  I was reading an article showing the Consumers’ 10 most sought after features. A few  features included a master bath with tub and shower, energy-efficient appliances and laundry room.  9 foot ceilings are still on the list and not surprisingly since everyone seems to be so much taller than me. I know my two 6 foot grandsons appreciate the space.  Not on the list was granite countertops, 15 ft. ceilings, 3 car garage etc. I’m not surprized, eventually we had to get back to the real world. Family room,great room, bonus room call it what you want everyone still goes to the kitchen. Ever notice when you go to a party you are escorted to the media room from the kitchen?  And don’t forget the popcorn!  Even the mansions are making the kitchens bigger with direct contact to the family space-open space. I think this trend is going to help the stability of the real estate market.   Now we need to get the builders on board.

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