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Relationship Building

Amanda Riddles
Homestead Real Estate

Several years ago, I started my real estate career with Homestead Real Estate, and I can’t recommend them highly enough because of the support and knowledge they offered me as a new agent. I’d like to share some of my favorite tips on Relationship Building that I think will be beneficial to you not only in your business relationships but your personal relationships as well.

Working in the field of Real Estate offers tremendous personal growth opportunities. You acquire many leadership skills along the way that help you to be the best version of yourself in all areas of life. One of the things I love most about Real Estate is all the amazing relationships you gain! In my opinion, relationship building is the most important aspect of Real Estate. Starting off on the right foot & making a lasting first impression is so crucial in our business. Learning effective ways to build rapport will lead to long lasting relationships. Whether it’s acquiring a new client, or recruiting a new team member, I have learned the following relationship building skills to be beneficial.

Keys To Victorious & Positive Engagement when focusing on Relationship Building

TRUST – In a professional setting, many believe competence is the most crucial factor. They try to prove they are smart and talented enough to manage your business. But, in fact, trustworthiness is the most important factor in how people evaluate you. While competence is highly valued, it is evaluated only after trust is established. To build trust, spending the initial 20 to 30 minutes asking open-ended questions and actively listening to your clients is a great way to build trust.

SMILING – Projecting a grumpy demeanor or expressing that you are having a bad day is not a good way to start a relationship. Make a point to smile, especially when you first meet someone. Science has shown that the mere act of smiling can lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and potentially even prolong your life.

LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGING -I always keep in mind the importance of offering nonjudgmental validation when engaging with clients and customers. When a person feels judged, they tend to retreat into a fight or flight mode of thinking. Nonjudgmental validation is taking the time to listen to what your client’s needs, wants, and dreams are and acknowledging them without judgement.

SUSPEND YOUR EGO – What does it mean to suspend your ego during a conversation? It is nothing more complex than putting others individual wants, needs, and perceptions ahead of our own. This approach creates an environment where a client can explore their thoughts and feelings while also feeling free to expand their opinions when presented with new opportunities.

BE A GREAT CONVERSATIONALIST – There are several keys to being a great conversationalist.

  • Focus and Self-awareness – Remember that you are trying to build rapport so keep focused on your client and do not give in to self-centered behavior.
  • Listening Posture – When you are eager to hear what a client is saying you will naturally lean forward or tilt your head which conveys interest and curiosity. Head nodding can be a powerful sign of encouragement, especially when discussing emotionally charged topics.
  • Eye Contact – Researchers consistently demonstrate that ‘holding someone’s gaze’ increases feelings of warmth, respect & cooperation. It lets the speaker know you are intent on understanding what they are saying.
  • Avoid Interrupting – Always allow the speaker to finish talking before responding, as interrupting can be seen as disrespectful and detrimental to rapport building.
  • Restating – Repeating another person’s words ensures you’ve heard them correctly. It allows the speaker to get a better sense of how he or she is coming across while also confirming that their thoughts are being clearly communicated

Ultimately, who you are and the energy you present are what potential clients will be drawn to. By following these principles, you’ll become skilled at attracting people and fostering respectful, long-lasting relationships, which are the foundations of enduring success in Real Estate and Life!

If you or someone you know is interested in a full-time career in Real Estate, or is looking to buy or sell their home, give me a call – I’ll be happy to help!

Cape May Communities Residential Market Stats – 3rd Quarter 2023

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