Stinking Snow in Cape May   Most of you have been following my blog on my investment property.  Unfortunately, the STINKING SNOW has put that project on hold for a little bit.  The contractors that went out to give me quotes have not been able to write their quotes up.  Their excuses are many, but due to this STINKING SNOW, very understandable.  (No electric being the most common)

   Cape May and West Cape May has been without electric in many areas, some for just a short period and some for several days.  If you did not winterize your property, you probably won’t make that mistake next year.

   In our defense, I have lived here for 28 years, and can only recall one other time that the snow was this deep and remained for this long.  Homestead Real Estate has received many calls from anxious second home owners regarding their homes and the overall conditions here.

   Here is what I can tell you.  The snow is very deep, we received about 15 to 20 inches.  The biggest problem was the wind gusts combined with the snow.  It caused a lot downed power lines and broken branches, which hit even more power lines as they toppled due to snow and wind.  Many people who have gas heat, or forced air need electric to either start the system, or run the fans to blow the heated air through the house.  No electric equalled no heat for many people. 

   The next biggest problem is snow removal.  Shore areas in general are not equipped to plow, salt and shovel this amount of snow.  I have received some calls from homes I have listed for sale asking if I could go in and “check” on their home.  I would be happy to do this, but many of the walks and driveways are not plowed.  I can’t get to the front door, nor if I got there, could I move the 15 inches of snow in front of it to get it open.

   It brings us back to STINKING SNOW!

   Many of our great restaurants in Cape May open for Valentines Day.  Unfortunately, I think this years business will be far below what we normally expect.  The good news is I will be going to the Washington Inn for a wonderful dinner with my husband.  He needs to make up for my birthday, when we were in the dark, playing Srabble by candlelight and he didn’t let me win.

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